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Jockey Silicone

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Product Description:

Screen print silicone from XG&YR silicone Co.,Ltd has 20 items.they can be printed on Nylon,waterproof polyester,cotton,fabrics,anti-slip mat,etc.they have very excellent elongation,great adhesion on Jockey sportswear.our silicone is very supple handle with good wash's antislip,anti-abrasion,easy to print.we have at least 24kinds of silicone pigment for your choice.


Jockey silicone print instruction:

1. silicone adhesion XG-180AB

2.high density XG-866AH catalyst XG-866B-2

4.silicone thinner XG-128AH

5.silicone pigment

6.glossy silicone XG-399HR(high anti-abrasion silicone)or matte silicone XG-866M


Print step:

1.Print XG-180AB for two times,print-flash-print,oven temperature 120℃,10seconds.

2.print XG-866AH three times,print-flash-print,oven temperature 120℃,10seconds.

3.print color layer:mixed pigment with XG-866AH.print 4-6layers.print-flash-print,oven temperature 120℃,10seconds.

4.print glossy or matte silicone.print-flash-print,oven temperature 120℃,10seconds.

   Note:please add 10% XG-128AH if the viscosity is high during printing.

5.After finished,please put product into oven by 130℃,3-5minutes.


Please contact me if you have any question.  (Name:winstone,WhatsApp:+86 139 2732 4489)